Katsomo in FinlandAre you a fan of the Finnish TV channel MTV Katsomo? Maybe you have a favorite show there, or maybe you even have a subscription which let you watch live football matches from the Champions League or some other sports event?

This is all great, but if you try to watch many of the shows on Katsomo in Finland from abroad you will get stuck as they do not allow you to watch those programs from abroad. This is exactly the same as when you try to watch YLE from abroad. As I tried to watch Katsomo from abroad, from central Europe, I simply got to see the following picture; video loading and loading, but never starting.

Katsomo not working from outside Finland
The Katsomo stream does not work from outside Finland

The reason why the stream is not working is described also on the website of Katsomo, this is a so called geographical block. This is for the content only to be available to people in Finland. Luckily you can virtually reside in Finland, even though you are staying outside the borders of the nation, and this is how it can be done!

Watch Katsomo from outside Finland

To watch Katsomo from outside Finland you will need to get an IP address in Finland. There are several tools offering an IP address in Finland, but as I am writing this article and as I tried to watch Katsomo from outside Finland I just HideMyAss and it is working great. If you want to know more about HideMyAss, you can also read my review here. So, to get Katsomo working you could visit the HideMyAss website. There you can sign up for their VPN service (it is very cheap and works great). Once you have signed up you can connect to a server in Finland and you will be able to watch Katsomo live streams and other from all across the world. Just try it, it is working. Just take a look at the following screenshot taken as I watched Salatut Elamat from outside Finland.

Watching MTV3 from outside Finland

This information is valid for MTV3, Sub and AVA.

Visit the HideMyAss website and check it for yourself!